Mike Fredericks Body Shop, Inc.
2715 W. Walnut St. Paris, Arkansas 72855
(479) 963-2242
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Family Owned For 52 Years

Founded in 1967 by Anthony Frederick with a mission to do quality auto body repair, Mike and Paula took over in 1991 and the mission is still the same. Since then Mike Frederick's Body Shop, Inc. has proudly been serving the auto body and towing needs for Paris and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic and always putting our customers first. We offer our customers top quality at competitive rates. Our experience easily qualifies us to meet all your vehicle needs with care and the best in customer service.

Mike passed away on April 30, 2018.

The business is now ran by Mike and Paula's son, Jason, who was 6 when Mike and Paula took over. Jason followed in his Dad's footsteps as a little boy always spending Summers and Saturday's at the shop helping with the mowing and maintenance. Jason became a full time employee in July, 2005 and continued to learn from the best....his Dad. Jason, along with Paula and their awesome employees manage the daily operation.

Mike Frederick

Our Founder


Mike had 44 years experience in the auto body repair business. His wealth of knowledge about auto body repair made him very highly respected and trusted. He left a great legacy and is greatly missed.

Meet Our Staff!

Jason ---- 2005 to current

July 2005 to current

Paula --- 1995 to current


Carl --- 1991 to current


Liz --- 2003 to current


Erik --- 2003 to current